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    $ 1880.00
    60% discount, $ 2900.00, until May 7
    Neoprene, 100% cotton
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    J46 is an old dog with an arsenal of new tricks. Climashield(R) continuous filament insulation on the inside. 2L Gore Windstopper(R) shell fabric on the outside. Press buttons and an 8 MM 2-way metal zip protect the center line. An additional 5 MM zip ingeniously converts the collar to protect your neck. Two front facing flap pockets nod to tradition; while 2 canted WR zipped back pockets have an eye on the approaching horizon. All held together by impeccable Acronym tailoring, and an internally or externally deployable JacketSlingae.


    2L GORE WINDSTOPPER(R) shell fabric (78% PES, 22% ePTFE)
    CLIMASHIELD(R) continuous filament insulation (100% PES)


    S M L XL
    1/2 Chest 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5
    Length 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5
    Shoulders 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5
    Sleeves 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5